I did my best!

Hi guys. I’m mia.

I got the best score on English test!Yay!

Honestly, I must get the best score every week because it is really easy for me. (sometimes I have a mistake…orz)

I’m so happy to get the great score though.

And I told senior teacher about I would like to change the different course. But I must pass the 10 weeks. omg it’s too easy for me to understand… sometimes I have a mistake…

In my opinion, Grammar is so important for us to understand and use language. The senior teacher said, Speaking is more important than grammar. But I don’t think so. Because if we don’t understand grammar, we won’t speak any sentence. For example, it’s too strange about “I believe will the you.” So I tend to say “What? What do you want to say?” to other students…haha I don’t speak fluently, too. I’m often praised “Your pronunciation is great!” Of course I know, it’s for a Japanese people.

I want to speak more fluently!!!!! And grammar, listening and writing! omg it’s all things.


Too hot

Hi guys. I’m mia.

I don’t know why my room is too hot… I want to go to a cold place…..

I don’t like a hot place. But I’m in Australia. I often think why I chose Australia…😂

I miss the winter!

daddy’s birthday

Hi guys. I’m mia.

It’s 3th December!!! Today is my daddy’s birthday!!!

I don’t know how old he is.

Always thank you,daddy. I can study in Australia because of you. I hope you’ll have a great year!

sleeping beauty

Hi guys. I’m mia.

Host mother call me Sleeping Beauty because I often sleep. So I told her Please call me Aurora. lol

Today is 2th December. I can’t believe it. Probably summer has come in Australia.

I miss winter Christmas…

long time no see

HI guys. I’m mia.

Long time no see, again. And December had come!!! omg

I’m getting used to Australia. Last week, I had a snore throat, headache and a little bit of fever. It was a festival of cold. But I’m fine now!

I studied how to write a letter today. But I write this blog, writing a letter is a quite easy for me. Sometimes I forget to write it. I like to write something.

Almost class mate is Japanese. We understand Grammar, Reading, Listening and writing. But other students don’t understand so we explain English in English 😂 I think It’s the best way to improve the skills, but other students doesn’t understand my description… I want to explain as other student can understand. (In my opinion, my description is so easy for other people…)

Sometimes friends and teacher admire my pronunciation! I’m so happy to hear that. Actually I’m good at speaking English for Japanese. Because I had studied pronunciation when I was child. It’s American English. British is difficult for me to speak because I can’t forget American pronunciation…

Next week, I’m going to move to new house. I already miss my host family…

hot hot hot

HI guys. I’m mia.

Recently I’m hot. I feel hot? Which one do I use I’m or I feel?

It seems that summer will have come… I don’t like hot weather🌞

omg… how do I do…

In this year, I don’t have winter. Of course I had January, February and march. I was in Japan. It was winter.

In my head, I think November is winter. Because I have a cold. In my head says to me “It’s not summer. Of course winter is.” Please you stop that you think it’s winter😂